Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Peper Harow Park Fly Fishers Club (the “Club”) holds specific personal data relating to members solely for the purpose of facilitating the practical administration of the Club and, in compliance with general data protection regulations, sets out below its data handling practices.

  • The data will be collated and held electronically by the Club Secretary.
  • The data will only be accessible by the President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the Club, it will never be shared with anyone else or any other organisations.
  • The data held by the Club comprises: names; postal addresses; phone numbers; email addresses and vehicle registration numbers. In the case of junior members, dates of birth are also held.
  • Members are encouraged to contact the Club Secretary at any time if they wish to view their data.
  • Immediately members notify the Club Secretary that they are cancelling their membership, their data will be deleted.

In adhering to the above practices, the Club aims to comply with the following principles:

  1. Be fairly and lawfully processed;
  1. Be processed for limited purposes;
  1. Be adequate and relevant and limited to what is necessary;
  1. Be accurate and where necessary up to date;
  1. Be kept in a way that people cannot be identified from it for longer than is necessary; and
  1. Be processed in a way that ensures appropriate security.

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